Robust US announcements expected today

July 13, 2022 6:30 am

United States Vice President Kamala Harris will this morning be speaking virtually at the Pacific Islands Leaders Forum with some robust announcements expected.

Harris is speaking at the meeting at the invitation of the Forum Chair and Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama.

Earlier the US had already announced that it will start looking at strengthening its relationship with the Pacific, as China’s influence started raising concern amongst the superpowers.

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Already, China’s infiltration into countries such as the Solomon Islands and highly likely with Kiribati, is the talking point in Suva.

This latest engagement by the Biden administration’s ongoing efforts to strengthen the US-Pacific Islands partnership and to support Pacific regionalism, with a strong and united Pacific Islands Forum at the center.

FBC News has learnt that amongst the announcement will be the appointment of a first-ever US envoy to the Pacific Island Forum.

The renowned American Peace Corps is also set to return to Fiji and the Pacific, while the US will also release the first-ever US strategy on the Pacific Islands.

Upon approval from congress, USAID Regional Mission is set to be set up again in Suva.

Once officially unveiled, this will set the basis of the next level of relationship between the Pacific and US.

With Kiribati showing its unhappiness and abandoning the forum, the latest move by the US is sure to raise the stakes even higher as the scramble by bigger nations to stamp a mark continues.