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Roads update

April 4, 2016 10:40 pm

The Fiji Roads Authority says they are closely monitoring the situation of the roads for all divisions.

As of latest update from FRA, Nadi town is closed from Queens road and Denarau road while Nadi airport to Lautoka is open.

The Kings Highway from Lautoka to Rakiraki and to Suva is also open.

FRA is urging the pubic to take the necessary precautions and stay out of floodwater.

Members of the public can contact Fiji Roads Authority on 5720 if they have queries regarding the affected roads and crossings.


Roads Update

February 25, 2016 11:53 pm

The Fiji Roads Authority in its latest situation report says the Koro Jetty is now open for limited use.

Valley Road in Sigatoka is open, however the Kavanagasau Road is closed at fourty-one kilometres due to fallen power poles and trees.

The Nabouwalu to Wailevu road at the Kubulau Road Section is open to four wheel drives only.

In Taveuni the Northern Coastal Road and South Coastal Road is open to light traffic.

FRA is advising the motorists to drive with caution.


Roads Update

February 28, 2014 1:00 am

Most roads in the Central Division are now open as flood water is receding quickly says the Fiji Road Authority.

However Naborebore and Sawani Serea Road at Savu Bridge, Kings Road are still closed.

This road has a severe crack following heavy rain and the engineers have assessed and closed this road until a diversion is complete.

Lodoni Road past Natovi is open for single lane only while clearing works in progress. This road is expected to open later today.

In the Central/Eastern Division:

In Rewa Dawakoto, Naqeledamu and Buinduna Road, Vuci Road to Kuku Road, Waituri, Raralevu, Korociriciri roads are under flood and closed to all traffic.

Babavoce Hill – near the Agriculture quarters, Cautata Road, Nalase and Naitalasese Roads are closed due to flooding.

Toga road, Delta Loop Road, Ratu Kadavulevu Road, and Koronivia roads are closed to all traffic.

In Naqali the Savu Road, Waisomo crossing and Waikavika Bridge at Nabulakula, Nadakuni crossing at Wainawaqa road and Waibau/Vatudavila roads are under flood waters and closed to all traffic.

In Taunovo – Waiyanitu, Calia and Naitonitoni roads off Queens road, Vakabalea and Nabukavesi roads are closed to all traffic.

In the western division:

In Rakiraki – Savusavu crossing at Lawaki/Nasau road, Barotu Flat, Burenitu crossing, Vunikavikaloa crossing, are closed.

In Sigatoka – Qawalo flat at Tilivalevu, Nasau crossing, Draiba crossing, Uluisila crossing, Kavaganasau roads are closed.

The Fiji Roads Authority says their roads crew are monitoring the situation and are on many sites trying to clearing debris and landslides so that traffic can resume as normal.