RHD affects one in 50 children: Dr Malo

May 26, 2022 6:35 am

Cure Kids Fiji RHD Project Manager, Dr Ilikena Malo

Rheumatic Heart Disease is a significant health problem in Fiji, with the Pacific region having one of the highest reported RHD incidences in the world.

There are about 60 rheumatic heart disease related deaths per year in Fiji.

Cure Kids Fiji RHD Project Manager Dr Ilikena Malo says official data indicates that one child in every classroom could be afflicted with the disease.

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“Statistics have shown that RHD is the second most common cause of death when you look at the age group between five and 25 years. It is second only to drowning. It affects mostly youth, children, and adolescence.”

Dr Malo says they are working with the Ministry of Health to raise awareness regarding the disease.

The Health Ministry has also partnered with Cure Kids to upscale oxygen delivery to all the health facilities by way of the Fiji Oxygen Project.