Rental companies to combat growing problem

January 28, 2014 7:00 pm

The Fiji Rental Car Association is calling on all rental companies to be part of the network to combat the industry’s growing problems.

Members yesterday highlighted major issues facing them at the association AGM.

The newly-elected president Mohammed Sareem says the association is working on a code of conduct for members.

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“You can’t have rental companies you know and not treating customers right, you have to be a professional business person so you need to have some ethic when coming into the industry and that is what we want to propose and the code of conduct should be completed by March and April this year.”

He says one of the main issues they want to combat is illegal operators who are tarnishing the image of legitimate rental companies.

He says the association is also unhappy with the increase in stamp duty fees and there are also concerns about rates charged by insurance companies.

“We have seen rental companies coming up and closing and we do not want that to be happening, the new players are coming in the old ones are getting out of it we don’t want that to happen, we want the industry because we have invested huge dollars into the country and we want that to be protected.”

Sareen says the Association has admitted they have a lot of problems to solve.

And are calling on car rental companies who are not members of the Association to come on board and help look for solutions together.