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Reflect on the message of Jesus: President

December 24, 2016 8:19 pm

President Major General (Ret’d), Jioji Konrote, has urged Fijians to reflect on the values and teachings of Jesus Christ as we celebrate Christmas today.

Major General Konrote says in the wake of yet another extreme weather event a great many of us have gathered to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

He says as Fijians recover from the floods and the loss of crops and possessions, we should be thankful that we have been spared the loss of life.

“Our thoughts today are not only with those who have suffered because of the latest Tropical Depression, but with the families of the 44 Fijians whose lives were claimed by Winston. May the peace of Christmas especially be with you and yours this Christmas Day, with all the memories it must hold of being with your loved ones in previous years. The prayers of every Fijian are with you.”

President Konrote says Christmas is for reflecting on the life of Jesus – one of love, tolerance and compassion which goes hand in hand with festivities.

“So let us all rededicate ourselves as a nation on this day – Christians and the adherents of other religions – to building a Fiji built on the values that Christ embodied. Of love, peace, truth, justice and tolerance."

The President also remembered peacekeepers who are away from their families in his Christmas message.

“Fijians care for each other and they care about the world. Whether it is sending our troops to keep the peace for the citizens of other nations. Sending our civilian volunteers to build capacity in our Pacific neighbours. Or leading the fight against the effects of climate change or the threat to our oceans and seas.”

President Konrote says 2017 is a big year for Fiji, leading COP23 and the next phase of the fight against climate change.

Fiji has also been tasked to co-host the United Nations Oceans Conference and the fight against pollution and over fishing.