REDD Plus programme helps in our forest conservation

February 17, 2016 12:51 am

Forests reduce the level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

Following the introduction of the REDD+program in 2009, the Forest Ministry and government have strongly emphasized conservation of forests.

The introduction of Red Plus programme in the Forest Ministry has greatly helped in conserving of our forests.

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Speaking on the 4 The Record Programme yesterday, Acting Forest Conservator Eliki Seniwasa says efforts to conserve forests need to be expanded.

‘’The government think that we need to expand the ares because the need is quite prominent now, Forest is very important,if you look at the UNFCC discussion,forest is one of the topics that is discussed at the top level. It shows that with good forest,you have good water system, good agriculture system, good biodiversity system to enhance the livelihood of our people’.

The Red Plus programme is a sustainable management regime that practices sustainable logging, carbon enhancement and forests conservation. Seiniwasa says major challenges have been faced since the introduction of the programme.

Seniwasa says the Forest Ministry hopes by 2020 it will be paid by large carbon emission countries to plant more trees.