Red Cross starts with its relief work

January 11, 2022 1:05 pm

The Fiji Red Cross Society community volunteers have started their rehabilitation program in areas that were affected by floodwaters over the weekend.

Red Cross Disaster Management Coordinator, Maciu Nokelevu says they are receiving feedback from community and branch volunteers who are currently assessing affected areas in the Western and Central Division.

He adds based on their current analysis, more attention is needed in the Western Division considering the devastation caused.

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He says the response team in the Central Division will oversee the situation and assistance needed in affected communities along the Wainibuka, Wainimala, Waidina, and Waimanu River.

“So, for us, our focus now is the Western Division, according to the assessment done by our team. They are working closely with Commissioner West and they are also working with the PA and DO’s on the ground assessing the affected areas.”

Nokelevu highlighted those preparations had started early this month when the Fiji Meteorological Office started to issue warnings.

He says their relief supplies will solely focus on equipment that will ensure safe drinking water for Fijians in affected communities.

“We will focus our distribution on WASH relief items on water, sanitation, and hygiene relief items due to flooding. This will consist of providing a safe water filtration system and water containers. The message now is to boil drinking water.”

The society is working with relevant stakeholders to secure funding to further boost their disaster response and operations.