Recycling project for community

September 22, 2022 6:00 am

[File Photo]

The lack of understanding in waste management and recycling is a challenge for recycling advocates.

This was highlighted by Waste Recyclers Fiji Director, Amitesh Deo during the launch of the Pilot Recycling Project at Kabutri Drive in Koronivia last night.

“There are two separate things, one is recyclables, and one is rubbish-many times people refer to everything as general rubbish and for us, it’s a misconception and something that goes deep for us.”

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Deo says there is a real interest from communities in Koronivia for the team to find a solution for waste management in the area.

He says recycling bins will be stationed in the community and residents will use the bins to dispose rubbish.

Deo says in addition, this concept will allow proper management of waste and will be implemented in other communities around Fiji.