Recruitment license must be endorsed by PS Employment

August 4, 2022 12:40 pm

[Photo: Supplied]

The Ministry of Employment is reminding Fijians, that they have the right to ask and sight a recruitment license endorsed by the Permanent Secretary of Employment.

This is particularly for overseas recruitment agencies who are visiting parts of the country and convincing Fijians to make payments and register with them for overseas employment.

Permanent Secretary Osea Cawaru says a good number of Fijians have been duped and manipulated by some bogus agents who are operating without a license endorsed by the Ministry.

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He stresses that apart from the National Employment Centre, there are five active recruitment agencies in Fiji which are Viti Roofing and Construction Pte Limited, Pack Leader Pacific Pte Limited, Alpha Pacific Navigation Pte Limited, Pacific Employment Agency, PTE Limited, and Freebird Institute Limited.

Cawaru says severe penalties will be given to recruitment agencies who are found guilty of conducting this unethical practice.

“If it’s confirmed that this is a bogus employment agent then definitely, it is a breach under Section 37 of the Employment Relations Act of 2007. No person shall enlist or recruit any person for employment under any foreign contract of service unless that person is authorized by the Permanent Secretary. The fine is an amount not exceeding $20,000 or a term of four years imprisonment or even both.”

Meanwhile, at least 14 retired nurses have recently been duped by an illegal recruitment agency, offering employment to Australia under the Vuvale partnership.

Cawaru says they’re investigating the matter with the Police Force.

Police Spokesperson, Ana Naisoro says they’ve received a report from the Ministry and the Criminal Investigations team in Suva is conducting an investigation.