Ram Sami products get Fijian Made accreditation

May 24, 2022 4:01 pm

Two new products of Ram Sami & Sons and its subsidiary Wallson Foods have been accredited with the Fijian Made and Fijian Organic brand.

Natural poultry manure mesh and pellet, coconut cream and premier coconut cream have been given the Fijian made emblem.

Permanent Secretary for Commerce, Shaheen Ali says the government is promoting Fiji’s agriculture sector and in particular, organic products.

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Ali says they will continue to recognize local companies that strive to produce and export locally made products.

“If they have agricultural products that can be deemed organic now Ram Sami contributions apart from these products, there are others products. They supply the tourism industry and they also support small holder farmers as well so it is a significant contribution to the economy.”

Ram Sami Ltd Business Development Manager, Abdul Shameer says the company has the potential and capacity to export to larger overseas markets and at the same time supply to neighbouring South Pacific countries.

“This is what the Ram Sami and Sons and Wallson food is all about that we want to give the local product the market and the main key word for us is innovation, we want to explore as much as possible.”

Ram Sami, a locally owned company, specializing in the production, distribution and marketing of farm eggs, poultry products and other diversified food products.