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Rabuka granted bail by Suva Magistrates Court

May 25, 2018 5:04 am

Social Democratic Liberal Party Leader Sitiveni Rabuka has been granted bail by Suva Magistrate Jioji Boseiwaqa this afternoon.

Rabuka has been charged by FICAC with one count of providing false declaration of Assets, Income and Liabilities to the Supervisor of Election.

The charges have been laid in contrary to Section 24 of the Political Parties (Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosures) Act of 2013.

Rabuka is alleged to have failed to provide information namely the tax liability with the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service amounting to $316,956.20, the investment and interest income of $200, 000 and $16, 000 respectively with Ragwhan Constructions Limited and the liability with RCL amounting to $120,000.

Rabuka hasn’t been served his full disclosures by FICAC however a disc containing his caution interview has been given to his Defense Counsels – Filimoni Vosarogo and Lynda Tabuya.

The prosecution informed the court they will be able to deliver the disclosures by next week Tuesday.

Vosarogo requested the court to allow them two weeks to read the disclosures.

Tabuya requested the court to give ample time to allow them to transcribe the caution interview in the disc and match it with the full disclosures once it’s received.

Rabuka was granted bail for $300 with two sureties, his cousin Masi Lomaloma and close friend Sakiusa Raivoce.

He has surrendered his passport, told not to reoffend, issued a stop departure and told to report to the Nabua Police station on the first Saturday of every month between 6am to 6pm.

Meanwhile, Magistrate Boseiwaqa informed the Prosecution and Defense there may be a conflict of interest as his father attended the same school in QVS in the 1960’s.

The lawyers are expected to make their submissions on this in the next court sitting.

Rabuka will take his plea on June 6th.