Project submission quality critical for agriculture development

September 27, 2022 11:00 am

[Source: Ministry of Agriculture/ Facebook]

The Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with PROMAN consultants under the European Union has organized a series of training for its staff, in an effort to improve the quality of its project submission.

Permanent Secretary for Agriculture, Doctor Vinesh Kumar says the training aims to achieve maximum output, which is critical to its overall performance in the country’s economic landscape.

“We can have systems and processes, but very end of the day – there is a human interphase. Every project, every system, processes, whatever automation – somewhere down the line, there is a human interphase. And I think if we don’t have the right people in any organization .. these systems and processes – no matter how efficient you would have, it won’t run.”

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18 representatives from different divisions of the ministry graduated from the second round of this series of training.

The training is a technical assistance by PROMAN consultants through the Sustainable Rural Livelihood Programme funded by the European Union.