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Private sector gets involved in supporting cancer awareness

October 31, 2017 2:48 am

The private sector is playing its part in helping those who are diagnosed with cancer and are in need of financial assistance.

A morning tea was organized today by the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation, whereby stakeholders donated two thousand five hundred dollars to the Fiji Cancer Society.

Federation Chair, Sandeep Chauhan says the staff of FCEF collected one thousand two hundred and twenty five dollars for the Walk on Walk Strong Foundation.

Chauhan says it’s important no one fights cancer alone and therefore, the community must get involved in supporting those in need.

“It’s also great to see that Fiji has finally recognizes cancer awareness and a lot more is being done in this area. This sorts of initiative is really important especially when we are raising awareness not just for people who are suffering but those who are unaware of cancer and its effects. It’s vital to understand the entire aspect of cancer that being not only the disease but the emotional roller-coaster ride that come with it.”

During the morning tea, one thousand dollars’ worth of Libra products was also donated to the FCS.

Meanwhile, the close to seven thousand dollars was also donated to FCS from the staff and stakeholders of Fiji Ports during another morning tea charity drive in Suva today.

FPCL chief executive, Vajira Piyasena says with the increasing rate of cancer in the country, it’s a fight that we must make collectively.

Today marks the last day of Pinktober – the breast cancer awareness month with Movember which is the month dedicated to build awareness surrounding prostate cancer which starts tomorrow.