Prioritize your mental health: Merekula

May 21, 2022 7:30 am

[File Photo]

Mental health experts are worried that more young people are completing suicide.

Lifeline Fiji Officer in Charge, Jeremiah Merekula, says the majority of these individuals are within the productivity age group between 18 and 44.

Merekula says this is concerning for a population where 50% are below 27-years-of age.

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“And if you see our numbers in suicide, we’ve been having a lot of suicide cases with the numbers from 18 years and above 18 to 24.”

Lifeline Fiji Crisis Officer Laisana Ratusokosoko says more than 72 percent of completed suicide deaths from January to April this year were male.

“We’ve seen an increase, particularly in males calling. Some of the issues that they call about are pressure from the family—it’s mostly communications problems”

Suicide Prevention Committee Chair Selina Kuruleca says there is a solution to every problem.

“If you’re feeling alone, if you’re feeling disconnected or if you’re feeling guilty – help is always available.”

Mental Health experts are calling on Fijians to prioritize their mental health and those of their family and friends.