Tabuya and Lobhendahn appointed deputy PA leaders

May 7, 2022 1:00 pm

Lynda Tabuya (From Left), Sitiveni Rabuka, Daniel Lobhendahn.

The People’s Alliance has announced Lynda Tabuya and Daniel Lobhendahn as two of its deputy leaders.

While making the announcement this morning, PA Leader, Sitiveni Rabuka says he personally selected his two deputies because of the trust he has in them.

“They are mostly my own instincts as I did for Manoa, we have gone along this way, everything will be verified by the board when we get to it but now we have no time to be connecting meetings, we got to be hitting the ground running and that’s what we are doing.”

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Lynda Tabuya (From Left), Sitiveni Rabuka, Ajay Amrit, Daniel Lobhendahn.

Under the PA Constitution, the Party needs to have three deputy leaders.

Manoa Kamikamica was announced the deputy leader a few weeks ago.

Tabuya has jumped ship twice, leaving her People’s Democratic Party and then resigning from the Social Democratic Liberal Party while also giving up her seat in parliament to join forces with Rabuka.

Lobhendahn who is a former national rugby player, church pastor and a businessman is new to politics.

He says he wants to advocate on things that can help Fiji grow and will not dwell on the past event.

“We experience failure, a failure is a failure. To know that one day we’ll just get fed up of failure and we will just want to succeed, that’s the kind of story I have.”

Lobhendahn adds that he will listen to the leadership in the Party, but at the same time will be vocal about his opinion.