SODELPA is not like NFP says Gavoka

September 28, 2022 12:30 pm

Viliame Gavoka

The leader of the Social Democratic Liberal Party, Viliame Gavoka says the National Federation Party’s former provisional candidate Hiroshi Taniguchi was caught out because of the lack of policies within his former party.

The former NFP Provisional Candidate was fired after he became too vocal about some of the issues, particularly land matters.

Taniguchi had advocated for a change in land laws that would allow Mataqali land to be subdivided as the landowners desired, but it required the approval of 60% of the village population.

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Hiroshi Taniguchi

He was instantly removed by NFP without a chance to explain himself.

FBC News asked the SODELPA Leader about his view, and Gavoka says when policy and standards are not set, this is when members will advocate on matters not shared by the party.

“What you need is something like this that we develop policy that everyone speaks from the same page. When people speak out of line its because the policy of the party are not properly established and SODELPA will have no fear of that, because everything has been well established.”

Meanwhile, the saga led to another one, which has now kept the NFP silent.

Taniguchi is claiming that NFP Leader Professor Biman Prasad was sending his wife what he calls shockingly disgusting messages.

NFP Leader Professor Biman Prasad

Also recently, it’s alleged that the NFP General Secretary, Seini Nabou has circulated an email to their members cautioning them not to take questions from the media regarding the issue.

NFP General Secretary, Seini Nabou

She specifically told members not to speak to FBC and Fiji Sun.

It has been a week since Taniguchi’s claims about the text messages and there has been no response about it from the NFP and neither from its usual band of supporters including proposed coalition partner, People’s Alliance.