Rabuka says sorry for racial remark; no word on Warid

August 17, 2022 9:03 am

Sitiveni Rabuka

After more than a week, “The People’s Alliance” Leader Sitiveni Rabuka has finally issued an apology over the controversial racist statement by his provincial candidate, Liliana Warid.

Warid posted a controversial statement on the party’s Facebook page describing Indo-Fijians as “visitors” who “were not going back anytime soon”.

She claims in the same statement that the indigenous Fijians are being marginalized.

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Today, Rabuka  apologized to Fijians who may have been offended or insulted by Warid’s statement but fails to say on whether there will be any action taken against Warid.

Rabuka says his party recognizes the right of every citizen to call Fiji home.

However, he also says the party acknowledges the varying views on the words “visitor” and “vulagi” and that they provide different meanings in relation to the various circumstances and contexts in which they are used.

He says this is expressly stated in the introductory section of the Memorandum of Understanding that he proudly signed with the NFP Leader, Professor Biman Prasad, earlier this year.

Rabuka adds the Party is bound by its constitution to seek a united and prosperous nation.

He urged that it is time now for Fijians to reach across the barriers that have separated them, to join hands and make a complete and happy Fiji.

However, the Party in considering the criticisms and concerns, provoked by the opinion piece and that its purpose was not to harm any one, has removed it from its Facebook page.

Rabuka says the party welcomes the educational value of healthy and constructive debates on issues of public interest.