Fijian Election

PA will respond to all media organizations: Rabuka

September 8, 2022 4:10 pm

PA Leader Sitiveni Rabuka.

The partnership that The Peoples’ Alliance Movement shares with the National Federation Party is crucial to the victory that PA seeks.

Leader Sitiveni Rabuka reiterated this during their first-anniversary celebration in Suva today.

He says he believes their partnership with NFP will set an example to the nation of political cooperation that crosses boundaries and a strong platform for rebuilding Fiji.

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“It is not a new association. Those of you who are aware of my short trip to Auckland last week, and heard or read the Eulogy I gave at the Funeral of the late Justice Jai Ram Reddy, can fathom the reason I attach so much importance to our Memorandum of Understanding with the National Federation Party of today.”

Rabuka also clarified his stance saying that The Peoples’ Alliance will respond to queries raised by any media organization.

He says the NFP is a party on its own and they have the authority to decide which media organization it wants to engage with.

The Peoples’ Alliance says they will respect this position by the NFP but all media organizations in Fiji are free to pose their questions to PA.