Kiliraki believes in SODELPA’s policies

November 19, 2022 12:30 pm

Social Democratic Liberal Party candidate Ro Kiniviliame Kiliraki says he opted to contest the General Election again this year because he believes in the party’s policies.

Kiliraki was an MP in 2014 but he failed to make it to Parliament after the 2018 election and according to him, he is still passionate about assisting Fijians.

Last night, he spoke with community members of Delaidogo in Wainibuku.

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He says each candidate in SODELPA has their constituencies or turf and he is one of the four candidates that is representing the province of Naitasiri.

“Naitasiri is known for its natural resources, and the land it owns and we are also known for our willingness to always assist people and this is reflected in the diversity of people that have made use of the land that we have given. We are known for our goodwill.”

Kiliraki adds that indigenous Fijians have a lot of questions and this is why it is imperative for every Fijian to question political parties about their policies.