“It was a publicity stunt”: Draunidalo

September 20, 2022 9:20 am

Tupou Draunidalo. [File Photo]

Former National Federation Party President, Tupou Draunidalo has labelled the actions of NFP Leader Professor Biman Prasad as “a publicity stunt”.

She was referring to Professor Prasad’s outburst in Parliament on August 29th, where he said he will name the FijiFirst MP, who he alleged had claimed in a hotel in Suva, that the 2018 General Election was rigged.

Prasad had also claimed the MP had said the next election will be won by FijiFirst under the same circumstances.

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However, in a strange and bizarre turnaround, Prasad denied the parliamentary episode more than two weeks after making the allegation.

Draunidalo says it was typical of the opposition to make “wild allegations, unsupported by facts and evidence”.

She adds party had lodged useless election petitions after the 2018 election, which were unsupported by facts and evidence that they had to be withdrawn.

Draunidalo says NFP should focus on policy to lift Fiji and all Fijians.

But she says this task is beyond the party as it has no idea and is riddled with in-fighting.