Gavoka to lead SODELPA into 2022 polls

September 19, 2022 6:40 am

SODELPA Party Leader Viliame Gavoka. [File Photo]

Social Democratic Liberal Party Leader Viliame Gavoka has rubbished speculations of a planned move to remove him as party leader.

Gavoka confirmed that he would be leading the SODELPA team towards this year’s general election.

He says the party’s Special General Meeting, which is scheduled to take place next month, will include the appointment of his deputy.

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“No this kind of speculation that is like I said is designed to disrupt the party. Nothing like that is happening. We head into the election as a team and with the leadership that has been confirmed through the proper process, the SODELPA.”

SODELPA General Secretary Lenaitasi Duru dismissed the speculations to remove Gavoka and even described it as ‘stupid’.

“Provisions for replacing the party leader is incorporated in the party constitution and so those people who are thinking of bringing that up, they should go back and read the Constitution and understand it before making a fool of themselves in the next GM.”

The SODELPA Leader is confident that the party is in a stable position.