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Police payout disappoints

April 3, 2015 7:14 pm

A number of Police Officers have raised their concerns about the amount of money they received in their pay out this week.

A pay-out of 16 million dollars was approved to cover the remaining monies unpaid to those police officers who qualified…however it appears not all were paid their dues.

Former Police Officer’s Association Executive – Tevita Ralulu says the actual pay-out has been disappointing some say they have not received the amount which was expected while some apparently have gotten more.

“Thanks to this government that they have given us the allocation but we were not given fairly .The pay back was not fair yesterday so people are crying now ,now am talking on their behalf because i made this initiative of requesting this government for making this payment.”

Retired officer Anil Chandra says the advice he received from headquarters did not equate to the amount in his bank account.

“What i received is beyond my expectations. I was expecting ten thousand but i received 3385 and plus that we were told the email address and i have email ed three times asking for the pay slip, the reason behind i went to the accountant and the assistant accountant was only there and the thing she was explaining is not in the picture at all only thing we know is the 24% ia m not happy including other members who are also there."

Police Commissioner Major Ben Groenewald says the matter is out of his hands.

_"I received a message that the minister is preparing a statement and he will release it over the weekend .Awaiting the press statement i think it will be in a appropriate for me to do a press statement because he was the person who requested the task force to do the evaluation for the pay out."

A number of police officers who we tried to interview declined and asked that their identities remain anonymous all the while telling us that this week’s salary did not include the back pay they thought it would.