Police patrol capital city, target nightclubs

August 19, 2022 4:50 pm

[File Photo]

As the Secondary School Athletics Meet draws to a close, Police will be monitoring the whereabouts of students in the capital city and nightclubs.

Last night, FBC News noticed Police officers patrolling Suva as students roamed the streets after the first day of the games.

Police Director of Operations SSP Kasiano Vusonilawe says there is a trend of unruly behavior that comes with celebrations and night outings when the games end.

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Police also warn they will not tolerate any unlawful activities.

“We know and understand that towards the end of the game so the momentum of how they will behave might rise up that’s why we are beefing up at the end of the game.”

The K9 unit is also being used by Police at the stadium premises to help detect any drugs and illegal substances that may be sneaked into the premises.