Police investigate alleged assault

July 14, 2013 7:45 pm

Police are now investigating the alleged assault of three men at Namadi Heights Suva last week.

Uraia Puamau claims he and two others were allegedly beaten in the middle of the road, three days ago.

He alleges on the day, while preparing for a funeral of a family member, some men came up to them brandishing pistols.

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“So without any reason, telling us why we were stopped.”

He says the men only believed his story after they were taken to the home where a shed was being built for the funeral.

“When we reach home they saw everything was there, all the stuff for the shed and all my nephews and cousins at home waiting for the spade. They knew then that I was speaking the truth and they just called me and asked me to forgive them.”

Police Spokesperson, Ana Naisoro says they have recieved a report and are now investigating.

It’s understood the RFMF is also investigating, Land Force Commander Lieutenant Mosese Tikoitoga has said he would not comment until investigations were completed.