Fijian Election

Police elections training underway

April 22, 2022 12:42 pm

[Photo: Supplied]

The Fiji Police Force’s Elections Operations Training got underway yesterday.

The trainings focused on the role of Police Officers in the National General Elections is aimed at acquiring and enhancing knowledge for proper execution of election duties and overall expectation to deliver the service required in line with the Electoral Act 2014.

Opening the series of training in the Western Division, Chief Operations Officer Assistant Commissioner of Police, Sakeo Ganivatu says officers need to treat this training with the utmost importance.

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[Photo: Supplied]

Ganivatu stressed the need for the officers to fully understand their roles in the conduct of the Election processes as any failure could open doors for people to question the integrity and credibility of the election processes.

Close to 100 Police Officers attended day 1 of training in Lautoka and similar trainings are being conducted throughout the other four policing divisions.