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Police crackdown on hard drugs

October 24, 2017 6:26 pm

The Police force has turned to the INTERPOL to assist them to crack down on hard drugs entering our country and track those that are selling the drugs locally.

Police Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho recently met with the INTERPOL in Beijing, China last month where he raised this issue.

INTERPOL has been requested to assist the Police force in advance investigation to arrest perpetrators actively involved in selling hard drugs locally, including methamphetamine, ice and even cocaine.

“We have to look at the area of more forensics accounting type of investigations and also looking at the precursors of this if they were brought in, the money involved, is it going with the trend during the flu season.”

An increase in hard drug use in our country will have a vast effect on mental health.

“The effects on the economy, the health system will be enormous and it will be devastating for people who should be producing productive output that will be walking around with the effects of this. You just have to go on the internet or talk to our neighbouring countries to see how devastating the effects of methamphetamine use is and it’s worse than marijuana.”

Its alleged methamphetamine and ice pushers are selling three to four crystals on the streets for $50.

Qiliho says the assistance from INTERPOL will help them analyse what drugs are being imported, the money involved and the people connected with this..

Police will also work with the Health Ministry to ascertain the use of imported pharmaceutical drugs to identify if they have any connection to the manufacturing of drugs in the country.

The National Substance Abuse Advisory Council is also concerned the growing use of drugs will create more social problems that will impact the economy.