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Plans to develop Naqara underway

May 23, 2018 6:10 pm

The Ministry of Local Government is putting together a draft plan to develop the Naqara Commercial Center in Taveuni.

With the population on the island increasing, there’s a demand for more infrastructure.

The Naqara Commercial Centre was established around the 1960’s with just a few small stores.

Naqara resident Dharmendra Dass says today it has a bank, a couple of supermarkets, several large stores, a few restaurants, some places to stay, a small bus station and the market.

“Since I grew up here since 1973 I can see the development coming up. We have some other shops here which are very old but at the moment we have some, new developments that are coming at the moment.”

Parmal Sami, who has been a taxi driver at Naqara for 20 years now says they new public amenities and new infrastructure as people all over Taveuni come to Naqara to do their shop.

“We especially need another bank. We only have one at the moment and only one ATM. We also need a proper service station, a big bus station. We need more development.”

The Ministry of Local Government stated During the Cakaudrove Provincial Council meeting last week they have carried out a survey and are putting together a draft plan for the development of Naqara.

Taveuni has a total population of about 20,000 and Naqara is their only commercial center.

Development on the island – that attracts tourists and movie production house- has been slow.

According to the Local government ministry the development of Naqara should have an allocation in the 2019/2020 national budget.