Planning ahead is best remedy

May 13, 2022 5:10 am

Director, Harish Patel.

Business houses are already planning to avoid any delays in stock arrival for this years Diwali and Christmas sales.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, most business houses in Fiji missed out on getting their new range for stock for the past two years.

Amongst them, Ashabhai, which is a big supplier of products to the Fijian market.

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Director, Harish Patel says with the increasing demand, there will always be a shortage of supplies enhanced by the pandemic forced events.

“Because of the pandemic, and the Russian Ukraine war, it is not helping the prices, shortage of supply, supply chain issues, freight rates have gone through the roof like we are paying four times than what we used to pay pre-pandemic.”

Patel says they are expecting a six to eight weeks delay in their orders and hence the need to act now.

“Now we are placing our Diwali and Christmas orders to ensure stocks arrive on time because we can’t rely on a three or four-month cycle due to the delay.”

Ashabhai remains hopeful that they will see an improvement this year compared to the challenges faced in the last two years.