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PCN disputes FCCC’s charges

February 9, 2019 7:00 am
Semiti Qalowasa

The People’s Community Network National Director says they’ve provided all necessary documents required by the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission.

This is regarding the Lagilagi Housing project in Suva.

Semiti Qalowasa was yesterday charged for failing to furnish information to the FCCC contrary to their Act.

In response, the PCN says it has not committed any wrongdoing and will maintain their stand to comply with the law.

Qalowasa says there are a lot of original copies of documents required by the FCCC sitting in their office however, there’s no allocated budget to make copies of it.

Qalowasa is calling on the Commission to conduct their audit and inquiry in their head office in Raiwai.

“Instead of us going to them and giving them all this information because the documents are here. It’s all stacked. And if we do all this photocopies, we don’t have a budget for it. Government gave us money for housing, other donors gave us money for other things and we don’t have money for this photocopies.”

The National Director adds all required documents had been submitted except a Quantity Surveyor report and detailed material cost – these were submitted yesterday.

“What I can say here today is that the $12.6m was used according to what it was given for and secondly the only delay was justified by the correspondents and exchange we have been doing with the government all those years until today.”

In an email exchange sighted by FBC News, the FCCC says no documents were received from PCN when the 1st Notice to Furnish was due last month.

The documents were only submitted when a 2nd Notice to Furnish was served.

Qalowasa says they will now take these documents to court to prove their innocence.