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Pathologist takes stand in murder trial

May 31, 2018 4:54 am

Pathologist Dr Rama Swamy Goundar, who conducted the post mortem of Rajeshni Deo Sharma took the stand at the Suva High Court today in the murder case of former pilot Imshad Izrar Ali.

Ali has been charged with one count of murder.

Dr Goundar told the court that during the post mortem on 3rd November, 2009, he saw that the muscles of the deceased had become loose which stated that she had been dead for some time.

He said the estimated time of death was between 7pm to 9pm on November 1st.

He told the court that he saw blood clots just below the thyroid region which measured 17mm by 30mm.

He added that the deceased lips, face, and eyes were blue due to the rupture of blood vessels and lack of oxygen supply.

Doctor Goundar also stated that there was extensive hemorrhage on her face which measured 12mm by 7mm.

He also said that there were blood clots near the jaw area and also witnessed a large clot of blood measuring 150mm in diameter on the scalp of the deceased.

He said the injury on the scalp was most likely be caused by blunt object being hit onto the head or application of severe force.

He will be cross examined by defence tomorrow.

It’s alleged on November 3rd, in 2009 Ali murdered his de facto-partner Rajeshni Sharma who was a kindergarten teacher in Rewa Street, Samabula.

The trial will continue tomorrow.