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Pathologist reveals post-mortem result of alleged murder case

May 1, 2018 1:17 am

Head Pathologist of the Police Forensics Unit, Dr James Kalougivaki, today revealed in the Suva High Court the cause of death of Elenoa Dicovi who was allegedly murdered by fifty-six-year-old Timoci Lolohea.

Dr Kalougivaki says Dicovi died from extensive or widespread of blood in her chest.

The head Pathologist says he conducted the post-mortem on the 21st of March,2017 and confirmed the victim was stabbed twelve times.

Dr Kalougivaki says Dicovi was only stabbed from her chest down and the first two stabs on her left and right chest were the most fatal ones.

He says the stab on her left chest extended to the right side of her heart, causing the heart to bleed significantly filling her chest with 1,700milliters of blood and 100 grams of blood clots.

The Pathologist also informed the Court the stab on Dicovi’s right chest had partially cut into her blood vessel which also caused a lot of bleeding.

High Court Judge, Justice Salesi Temo then asked the Pathologist that it seems like the wounds were directed at vital organs, to which Dr Kalougivaki replied it could be possible.

Prosecution lawyer Siteri Navia then asked Dr Kalougivaki what would cause the stab wounds.

Dr Kalougivaki replied the wounds would have been caused by a single edged knife or something sharp.

Lolohea is charged with one count of murder.

It is alleged that on of March 20th last year, Lolohea murdered his defacto-partner Elenoa Dicovi at Nasilivata road, in Nadera.

The trial continues at the Suva High Court.