Samisoni blames Rabuka for SODELPA's problem

May 12, 2022 12:40 pm

Social Democratic Liberal Party new member, Mere Samisoni. [Source: Dr. Mere Samisoni/ Facebook]

Social Democratic Liberal Party Member Mere Samisoni says there used to be a gang mentality in SODELPA which was the cause of the falling out between different factions.

Samisoni used her maiden speech after being sworn in as a Member of Parliament this morning, to spill the beans on why there continued to be infighting within SODELPA.

She says the inclusion of members from People’s Democratic Party, One Fiji Party, the Fiji Labour Party, Conservative Alliance Matanitu Vanua and others led to factions because of different ideologies.

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Samisoni has placed the failures of SODELPA on former Leader Sitiveni Rabuka saying he opened up the party to people whom he could control.

“There was constant power struggle where these other new recruited to the party tried to coup the control of SODELPA by asking Ro Teimumu Kepa from her leadership of the Party in 2015. In fact they succeeded as we all know and took the party to election in 2018 whereby, they had by then recruited candidates who would be loyal to their leadership.”

The new MP says these same people have now left SODELPA to join Rabuka’s newly established party.

Samisoni replaces Niko Nawaikula whose seat was declared vacant after being convicted in the High Court.