Bulanauca says evil groups to blame for COVID-19

July 27, 2020 4:42 pm

Social Democratic Liberal Party MP Mitieli Bulanauca.

Social Democratic Liberal Party MP Mitieli Bulanauca says COVID-19 has been spread by evil forces to assist China.

While denouncing the budget, Bulanauca says the FijiFirst and China are responsible for the crisis we are in.

He said it was evil groups that helped in the spread of the virus.

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“World evil group using China a Communist Dictatorial regime to invent or manufacture COVID-19 as a biological weapon against the West or Capitalist democratic society in particular against USA we also suffer in-between”.

Bulanauca also proposed to the government to close its foreign diplomatic mission in Geneva, Switzerland, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Jakarta and Pacific Islands Development in Suva.

However, he says the Fijian government must strengthen its partnership with other stakeholders and countries.

“On that, we here in Fiji need the most is Israel. We need to have a diplomatic mission in Israel, if anything you’ve mentioned Israel is the number one supplier where we talk about agriculture, architecture, engineering, medical, military you name it. Israel is tops, we can learn and benefit a lot from it.”

Bulanauca says the government needs to invest more in the mahogany industry and increase export capacity to retain productivity in the Fijian economy.