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Parliament sessions reduced in 2016

July 8, 2015 7:05 pm

Parliament will have fewer sessions for next year’s calender after a motion was passed yesterday, sitting in February, April, June and August only.

The motion was passed successfully by government but not before a heated debate between both sides of the House of Representatives.

“With reduction, we have, can plan better and of course we make the most of the sittings and of course allow other members to attend to other honourable duties as well.”

Opposition MP Prem Singh countered with an amended motion to include sittings in March, June and July.

Government Whip Semi Koroilavesau and Opposition MP Tupou Draunidalo weighed in on the matter which was a whole of house debate.

“I have emphasized this before, if we can sit from half past 9 till half past four, than we are actually using and utilizing maximizing the time that is allocated to us to sit and discuss issues.”

“But the opposition has a roll to play too and that’s to keep the government in check and if we’re not here more often Madam Speaker, its means that we allow the executive to continue unchecked for those many months or weeks and issues arise everyday in the administration of government.”

Prior to the vote, Opposition MP Mosese Bulitavu called on the Speaker of the House to invoke standing orders 20 giving her additional powers to rule on the motion…

She declined and moved the vote.

The motion to amend defeated with 29 against, 7 no vote and 14 in the affirmative.

Parliament will resume today from 9.30am and you can watch it live on FBC TV.