Parental responsibility is crucial: Kumar

June 21, 2022 6:20 am

[File Photo]

The Education Ministry has noted an increase in drug cases in schools.

Parents have been urged to monitor their children.

Education Minister Premilla Kumar says the post-pandemic changes seen in children are difficult for any community to deal with.

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“We have seen an increase in drug cases, we have seen an increase in fights that goes on not only in a school environment but also outside school, and what concerns me the most is parental responsibility”

Kumar says parental negligence is also an issue.

“There are students who come to school without lunches, and they are not even given breakfast, it is sometimes not because there is no food in the house, it’s simply because the parents did not get up in the morning to prepare the lunch and breakfast for their children.”

The Education Minister stated that the ministry can also provide counselling support to students.