Pacific women in energy sector

October 5, 2022 5:46 am

[Source: SPC/Twitter]

The launch of the Pacific Energy Gender Strategic Action Plan or PEGSAP yesterday will play an important role in improving the engagement and leadership of women in the energy sector.

Pacific Community (SPC) Deputy Director General, Dr Paula Vivili says this network aims to ensure active, meaningful, and inclusive participation of all members of Pacific society, particularly women, to better plan and produce clean energy.

“When we talk about women participation, and women in energy, it’s more than just participation. It’s about engagement, it’s about leadership and involvement in determining things going forward.”

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Dr Vivili says the network’s new plan includes guidelines for gender mainstreaming in the energy sector across the Pacific.

He adds PEGSAP compliments the Pacific leaders’ Gender Equality Declaration in 2012, which was aimed at removing barriers to equal employment opportunities.

PEGSAP was launched during the opening of the first-ever Clean Energy Workshop and Pacific Women in Energy Conference at the Holiday Inn in Suva.

The US Government, hosted the event to support Pacific Islands clean energy transition and climate adaptation efforts.