Ownership of Vitivou established: Police

October 6, 2022 6:00 am

Vitivou premises cordoned off.

Police have established the ownership of VitiVou premises in Flagstaff, Suva.

The property was under attack by a group of youth yesterday evening prompting the deployment of over 100 police officers to the site.

It is alleged the occupants who are renting on the property instigated violent attacks against youths of Raiwai, Suva.

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Police Commissioner, Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho told FBC News that a person of interest residing at Vitivou Premises has been charged and produced in court.

Brigadier General Qiliho says they have identified the owner of the property who is now seeking police assistance.

“We have liaised with him (Vitivou owner) and he wants to take back the property from his relatives which he gave initially to use the property. So he has asked us for assistance and we are looking through the legal ways now that he wants to empty out the house. So that’s another ongoing process from that.”

Brigadier General Qiliho assures that police will ensure the safety and protection of people and their property.

“And that’s what we are working hard on and that’s why I had initiated that Incident Management Center within our Command centre to deal with this specific issue. Early yesterday morning while I was anticipating things that could go out of hand and that’s how we reacted effectively last night in de-escalating the situation. And that’s what we further want, to deescalate the situation and that’s why we going through the court process.”

The Police Incident Management Team will remain operational until the issues of violent attacks are resolved.