Over $70,000 worth of mobility device assistance received

December 2, 2022 6:20 am

More children with disabilities will now be able to benefit from mobility devices in order to carry out their daily activities.

This as the Frank Hilton Organization has received over $70,000 worth of Mobility Devices from their partner donors yesterday.

Chief Executive Sureni Perera says these devices are also much needed for the young.

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“It also supports the child’s posture and even at some point to be able to walk, this product over here as our physio will explain can be given to a child for up to three years of age.”

This donation includes 110 units of Basic and Intermediate Wheelchairs.

Permanent Secretary for Health Doctor James Fong says the Ministry is also focusing on improving Disability services.

“Trying to work out what is the best service delivery model that will provide a sustainable future with regards to disability support and I’m glad that this does represent the opportunity. It works and is in line with the current initiative for NGOs.”

In the past five years, Frank Hilton has supported over 181 children throughout Fiji.

They are also working closely with the Special schools to ensure these students get access to much-needed mobility assistance.