Over 40,000 Fijians assisted

May 13, 2022 12:30 pm

[File Photo]

The Bus Fare Programme has so far assisted 41,457 Fijians costing around $35 million.

Minister for Women, Children and Poverty, Alleviation Rosy Akbar says this includes 38,930 older persons aged 60 and above and 2527 people living with disabilities.

Akbar says over the last five years, the FijiFirst government has provided $35.2million towards this initiative.

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“With effect from May 2022, Ministry has also revised its payment schedule to make Quarterly payment of $75. From 2018 to date, the Government had allocated more than $36 million towards this great initiative. Due to the COVID-19 movement restrictions, the Government saw it prudent to reduce the top up $20 and as least as $10.”

Akbar says the government’s Bus Fare Scheme was initially introduced 11 years ago with a total of 22,928 beneficiaries.

The Revised Budget of March 2022 has allowed the government to increase its allocation to $6 Million for the scheme to allow every entitled citizen to receive a $25 monthly top up.