Ovalau experiencing destructive winds

February 20, 2016 4:47 am

The old capital of Levuka is being hit hard by destructive winds and heavy downpour as Tropical Cyclone continues its rampage across the Fiji Group.

FBC News was able to contact Steve from Ovalau Resort in Levuka who gave us this update from Levuka and the situation on the ground.

“This is the fastest number 5 that I have ever heard of in my life. This is the most devastating rain is coming down as well. The average speed feels like 150km/hr I mean I don’t know for sure but it’s just ripping roofs off. We are at Heritage Place and our bar is just being ripped apart. We have sent the people that we work with home to look after their own houses – I can tell you all the homes in the neighbours in Toki village and Rukuruku village too. This is the largest hurricane that I have ever heard of – 320km/hr is unheard of and that’s what the gusts here must be.”

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