No age limit for the Labour Mobility scheme

May 13, 2022 4:45 pm

[Photo: Supplied]

The Employment Ministry has confirmed that there is no age limit for Fijians who want to apply for the Pacific Labour Mobility program.

Permanent Secretary Osea Cawaru says that initially, the maximum age was set at 45.

He stresses that now it’s open and anyone can apply for the program, as long as they can efficiently and effectively execute the required duties, as per the employer’s standard.

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Cawaru also says that one of the areas where more workers are needed at the moment in Australia is caregiving.

The Ministry is working closely with relevant stakeholders to ensure appropriate training and guidance is given to the selected workers before they leave Fiji.

“The main role the Ministry plays for meat industry workers is more towards their pre-departure training because these are the unskilled, untrained workers in the meat industry. We are sending them across. The important role is training them and letting them know of the expectations from the employer, especially from the meat industry.”

The Ministry has just sent 200 Fijians to Australia earlier this week to work in different sectors, ranging from the meat and agriculture industry, care-giving, and the tourism sector, among others.