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NFP slammed by FijiFirst once again

October 15, 2018 6:42 pm

The National Federation Party is being slammed again by FijiFirst for continuing to support racist and bigoted statements made by party members and supporters.

Only a day after the revelation of an email written by the now disqualified NFP provisional candidate Feroz Gulam Mohammed containing bigoted statements, FBC news was able to attain a recording of Mohammed making further bigoted, racist and defamatory statements about the Prime Minister, the Attorney General and the Trade Minister.

Disqualified but yet still in the limelight for all the wrong reasons….this time on tape during a conversation with a former Fiji resident residing in the United States.

“What are you posting Fazal? People are laughing at you. He celebrated Ram Naumi and you supporting him, my God. You supporting who makes false promises? Do something boy because everybody is bad mouthing about you and asking what is wrong with Fazal. Do not serve Khaiyum, he is a traitor you know traitor and a thief. No Muslim in Fiji wants him. All these money that they have received, they will take it and eat it, just the way they ate all of Fiji’s money. Why do you want to spoil your name? Why? I am telling you, please understand. I have sent you all the pictures, how is it? You like it aye? Did you see how he is standing with a teeka on his forehead? (Laughs) You see how many votes he will get. He will get only fifty votes and Bainimarama will also get only fifty votes and they will win by 100 votes only. (Laughs) iTaukei’s are spitting on them. Did you hear what an iTaukei from Tailevu has said? He said, he is a thief and has eaten all our land. Laughs.”

Mohammed denies making the comments.

However he again accuses Sayed-Khaiyum and the man he spoke to on tape of being liars.

The Attorney General says he’s aware of the tape and has asked the NFP leader Biman Prasad to immediately direct party members and supporters from engaging in such politically opportunistic, divisive and unpatriotic behavior.

“Doing this sort of Hindu/Muslim thing. We expect him to say that’s not me. This is the caliber of people that NFP has actually appointed, there are others of course who are doing it.”

Biman Prasad says that Mohammed is no longer with the party after he was disqualified to stand in the general election and doesn’t want to comment about Mohammed’s utterances.

However Mohammed had a lot more to say on social media yesterday afternoon.

“Bainimarama has been dancing all over the world past 24 months, we all know he’s a dictator, Khaiyum is reckless. Natives of this country won’t vote him I believe, please support my party, National Federation Party, Federation will make a change in your lives, we have promised a lot and it will all happen, definitely will all happen, trust us we will deliver what we have promise, I’m still with Federation and I will be with them for years to come. If not this year, that probably next election, I’ll have a chance, God knows until then keep on supporting Federation and please vote Biman Prasad."

The Attorney General says that this is the sort of people Professor Biman had recruited for the NFP.

“Reluctance in particular of the NFP leadershipto take a principal position in respect of such matters, we expect that type of response from Biman Prasad.”

Feroz Gulam Mohammed says he will make a statement today.