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NFP confident to form new government

October 2, 2018 5:10 am

The National Federation Party is confident they will form the next government.

Leader Biman Prasad was adamant about this while announcing trade unionist Attar Singh as provisional candidate to stand for the November 14 election.

Prasad says the five remaining provisional candidates will be announced soon as they work towards finalizing all 51 nominees.

He adds they’re confident of securing more votes this year.

“Many of them are on the field and on the field talking to our people. im very pleased with the response that we’re getting from all our candidates and I can tell the people of this country that we’re ready to be the new government after November 14th. Look at our policies understand our policies in detail, debate our policies and critique our policies. I think we’ve had very good policies from some of the major policies that we’ve announced with respect to TELS, reducing the cost of living, implementing a minimum wage of $5, etc.”

The NFP leader says they will submit their candidacy nominations to the Fijian Elections Office next week.

Meanwhile, Attar Singh has resigned as General Secretary of the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions (FICTU) to contest the election under the NFP banner.

“The workers and unions have suffered for too long and are crying out for fairness and justice. Clearly all this can’t be achieved without a trade unionist being elected to be the workers voice. It’s for these reasons I have resigned all my union positions to stand for elections so I can advance the cause for workers.”

Attar Singh, during the 2014 election, roped in 716 votes – 2.65% of the total votes by the NFP.