New Press Club ushers in a new era for FMA

May 4, 2022 5:45 am

Fiji’s first media press club was launched in Suva last night.

The Fijian Press Club is a partnership between the Fijian Media Association and the Australian High Commission that aims to develop the media industry in the country.

The new press club also revealed its new logo – a traditional lali.

Lali’s has been used in the iTaukei community to bring people together under one roof, an ideal that is in line with the goals and ambitions of the FMA Executive.

Chief Editors from all newsrooms were also present, vowing to unite to help create a reporting environment where journalists can thrive and report with a high standard of journalism.

FMA General Secretary Stanley Simpson says this development marks a new dawn for the media industry.

Simpson also commended the work of journalists in the country.

“Even though we regularly get sworn at, ridiculed, belittled, physically and mentally abused and vilified – we wake up the next morning and have a go at it again!”

Media personnel from all the media organizations were present at the event, and the FMA executive confirmed that the club has so far registered more than 300 members.