Cybercrime threats loom

September 21, 2022 6:20 am

Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense on the Convention on Cybercrime.

Fiji should not allow technology sellers to import obsolete and insecure software, endpoint devices, and network technologies into the market as such technologies will only make the fight against cybercrime more difficult.

University of Fiji representatives highlighted this while making submissions to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense on the Convention on Cybercrime yesterday.

ICT Expert at UniFiji, Shaukat Ali says new threats and vulnerabilities will emerge as new technologies are developed.

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“Defenders need to learn a new way to defend as adversaries learn a new way to attack thus membership of convention on cybercrime will allow Fiji to gain from experiences of international partners in the development .of secure digital infrastructure in the battle against cybercrime.”

University of Fiji’s IT Expert, Farik Mohammed there is a need for secure databases.

“We need to develop secure databases and data entry forms; implement encryption to ensure confidentiality of personal identifiable information; develop and use better hash algorithms to ensure the integrity of data and robust distributed systems and backup systems to ensure 24/7, 365 availability of information and critical services from our network infrastructure.”

Mohammed says the Budapest Convention on Cyber Crime provides procedural law tools to make the investigation of cybercrime and the securing of electronic evidence in relation to any crime more effective.