New boat to ease students travel challenges

May 7, 2022 12:30 pm

[Source: Premila Kumar/ Twitter]

Minister for Education, Premila Kumar handed over a boat and engine to the Head of School and Management of Bulou Dolele Memorial School.

The school, which is in Vunisea, Kadavu, has around 60 students who will utilize the boat for their travel to and from the school.

Kumar says providing transport assistance has been one of the major initiatives of the Fijian Government.

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She adds this will enhance accessibility by eradicating transport challenges faced by students when accessing education.

Kumar highlighted that the transport assistance provided to the students is not limited to bus fare assistance.

She adds students living in maritime areas, are provided boats, which allows them to use the free education grant for fuel and maintenance.

She stated that if outsiders provide this service, the Ministry provides RSL vouchers.

Kumar assured that the Government will always be there for students’ education and will assist parents, guardians, and the school management with all the necessary resources.