New agreement will ensure reciprocal membership

June 23, 2022 6:20 am

Proper training, development, and integration of new graduates into the workforce form the foundation of a strong country with sound economic development.

The Fiji Institute of Accountants is now pursuing a mutual recognition agreement with the Institute of Public Accountants to provide local professional accreditation to become internationally recognized.

FIA Vice President Tarlochan Singh says the agreement with IPA will provide local accountants an opportunity to broaden their scope of work and ensure their services are on par with international standards.

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“This has been in talks with for the last two years. That entails basically a reciprocal membership where members of IPA can become members of IPA and FIA members can become members of IPA.”

President Pravinesh Singh adds that they are also working with local tertiary institutions to provide accreditation, one that is also recognized in the Australian market.

“They go through the proper formal processes and when it comes to formal employment, it’s the employers who provide the proper training and the pathway so they become good accountants.”

The Fiji Institute of Accountants is hoping to formalize an agreement with IPA on Saturday during its 50th anniversary which will be followed by a preliminary budget forum with the Minister for Economy.