Pacific presence in global arena critical

June 23, 2022 11:00 am

Environment Minister, Dr Mahendra Reddy.

There is a need to highlight climate change more in the global arena.

Environment Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy says while Fiji may have solutions at the national level, it is not sufficient to address climate change threats as our carbon emission is minimal compared to most developed countries.

Dr Reddy says the government has been working hard to be present on every global platform to echo the voice of the climate-vulnerable nations whose very existence continues to be threatened by climate change.

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“This is a global issue and that is why we need to deal with it globally. We can have local solutions but the issue, the climate change, and the sea level rise us determine by global acts, global conduct. We are subject to a global environment debt. We are a small player in the global market. So Fiji is a signatory in a number of conventions that deals with this issue.”

Dr Reddy says climate change will continue to harm our environment, and threaten investment, and developments if it is not addressed immediately.

Fiji is a signatory to the United Nations Convention to combat desertification, degradation, and drought which was ratified in August 1998.