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Nawaikula ready to be Deputy Leader if given a chance

October 14, 2018 6:57 pm

There’s misunderstanding and confusion within the Social Democratic Liberal Party camp over the issue of the Deputy Party Leader.

There was an obvious disagreement last week between senior members of the party on Party leader Sitiveni Rabuka’s decision to appoint SODELPA President Ratu Naiqama Lalabalvu as the Deputy Leader.

With both general secretary Adi Litia Qionibaravi and Ratu Naiqama refuting Rabuka’s claims, Niko Nawaikula has thrown his hat in the ring saying he is ready to take up the position of Deputy Party leader if given a chance.

" Well I think I am ready as anyone is ready because I think leadership depends on the empowerment of the people beside you."

With elections just a few weeks away, Nawaikula says no names have been proposed for the post and he hopes that good judgement will prevail amongst party members when electing a Deputy leader.

" Well I’m not even sure who they are but will leave it to the good judgement of the people who will decide on that mainly the management board."

When asked by FBC News to comment on Ratu Naiqama’s refusal to accept the appointment made by Rabuka, Nawaikula agrees with Ratu Naiqama and Adi Litia Qionibaravi, saying procedures must always be adhered to.

" There is a process that needs to be followed before anyone can assume the position of Deputy Party Leader and obviously this needs to be done and that’s why the clarification was made and the difference of opinion."

Nawaikula believes Rabuka had made a blunder about the purported appointment of Ratu Naiqama because Rabuka was ignorant of the procedures to appoint a Deputy Party leader.

" I assume that the party leader was not aware of the totality of the process that needs to be implemented first."

SODELPA amended its constitution earlier this year to only allow for the party president to act as deputy leader in the event that the party leader was removed. The management board would then appoint a permanent deputy leader.

Nawaikula remains hopeful that when the time comes it will be him that will reign as the second man in charge of SODELPA.