Nausori Accommodation Centre opens

April 27, 2022 2:44 pm

The Nausori Accommodation Centre at the Nausori Municipal Market was officially opened by the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, David Hurley.

Hurley says the Australian government will continue to support the UN Markets for Change for the next five years as they have seen potential in women vendors who need help.

He adds markets will only operate efficiently if vendors are in safe and secure accommodation.

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He says the Australian government will continue to support infrastructure development that will help women with their daily businesses.

“To have this facility today, I believe is a life change for the women in Nausori because it provides you better health outcomes, better safety outcomes and better security outcomes. Without those you a lesser as a community, you are lesser as a community so I think this will empower market vendors.”

The Governor-General is urging other markets to follow the new Nausori Accommodation Centre model as it is multipurpose, will help vendors and at the same time generatr income for the Municipal Council.

He commended the efforts of the Local Government Ministry, the UN Markets for Change and the Nausori Municipal Council for their efforts in ensuring that the 443 women vendors are protected and cared for while they earn income for their families.

Over $600, 000 has been spent to build the double-storey Accommodation Centre.

The UN Markets for Change funded centre has a kitchen, a multipurpose space, four restrooms, and three bathrooms that cater to 80 female vendors.